The mission of Joy Christie’s Gallery Inc., JCG, is to seek out and present for the consideration of discerning collectors and designers aesthetically compelling objects - original art works with an edge:

– both tribal sculpture and modern paintings
– both art and artifact

The sole connection between Joy Christie’s Gallery Inc. and Christie’s Auction House is the founding of the auction house by my paternal relation in 1744. My expertise focuses on the search for fine tribal sculpture with aesthetic and emotional appeal, rejecting curios, export pieces and fakes.

Exotic tribal antiques can accent and enhance any environment – from fine European antiques to mid-centruy modern classics. Offered tribal works are largely from African tribes whose abstract, expressionist and surrealist forms excite the passions of art lovers. Similar objects are included from indigenous peoples of North America, the Himalayas, China and Oceania - mostly from collections put together by my parents in the 1960s.

The carving and use of authentic tribal sculpture resurfaced during the post-colonial period in certain areas of Africa, so some post-colonial works are included in the Gallery's collection. Tribal art is offered across a range of price points without compromising quality by including jewelry, utilitarian objects, and weapons. All these items were sculpted by and for tribal peoples, and were used in tribal settings, but not all include a ritual or ceremonial history.

Jewelry is featured, including my own original designs of ethnographic components, semi-precious stones and silver or gold.

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